24 years old and in a super life transition. Things I love: corgis, food and those I surround myself with.

The teacher I work with (we can call her “A”) left for maternity leave to adopt a son. The woman she was adopting from is 22 years old, on house arrest, already has another child from a different man, and only had sex with another guy to piss off her ex boyfriend. I texted A, tried to call A, and she never answered me back which only left me to think something bad happened. Needless to say, the girl backed out and A spent three weeks in Wisconsin during multiple snow storms only to leave empty handed. She’s going home to a nursery and a closet full of clothes for a baby boy she never had a chance to adopt. 

This is the shit that brings me back down; this is what makes me realize that my problems, my “I can’t believe my AC in my car isn’t working AGAIN”, my “omg weekend class”, my pitiful problems…none of them matter. I can’t imagine how she feels, I can’t imagine how she’s going to walk back into our workplace knowing that everyone will ask her what happened.

I just can’t imagine how she’s feeling in this moment, getting on a plane without a child she already called her own. 

Sometimes, life gets so real. Like realizing I’ll be 26 this year or that I will finally be getting married to a guy I’ve been with for almost SEVEN years. Where does the time even go?

I don’t remember people being such assholes when I was a kid. What happened to this world?

I’m open to someone being smarter than me but just go do it somewhere else.

I daydream about saying what’s really on my mind to the people I encounter every day. Most of this day dream starts and/or ends with, “fuck you”.

Sweet, sweet sleep.

Sweet, sweet sleep.


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